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USDTV Launches DTV Service in Dallas

USDTV has introduced its digital TV service in Dallas, following the pilots in Salt Lake City, Albuquerque and Las Vegas last year.

Recently USDTV inked a $25.75 million funding agreement with investment partners Fox TV Stations, Hearst-Argyle Television, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, LIN TV, Morgan Murphy Stations and Telecom DTV. The Dallas launch marks the first time USDTV is being made available in a Top 10 TV market.

The USDTV service costs $19.95 a month and is sent over the air through the digital signals of USDTV's local broadcast partners. The set-top-box incorporates an HDTV receiver, allowing viewers to receive all the digital and HD programs that are sent out by the local stations and national broadcast networks in the market. The USDTV service averages 30 all-digital channels per market.

USDTV previously announced that it would launch VOD content and DVR technology upgrades in the future.