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U.S.-based Arabic-language TV network streamlines news production with Bitcentral platform

Alhurra, an Arabic-language satellite TV network based in Springfield, VA, that reaches an estimated 27.7 million viewers throughout the Middle East and Europe, has upgraded its digital news production capabilities with new technology and systems from Bitcentral. Moving to a file-based workflow, the broadcaster has installed an Oasis and Precis system to support its entry into the global news marketplace.

Previously, Alhurra’s producers had limited access to content located in different facilities. With the installation of Oasis in Springfield, for use by its news bureau in Dubai, UAE, Alhurra now has the advantages of wide area media asset management system that allows its users to manage large volumes of media such as video, graphics, audio and text from one source.

Once media is registered within Oasis, an approved journalist may edit media using any one of the common desktop nonlinear editing systems. With extensive categorization and rights management available, Alhurra’s producers can organize stories quickly and easily for distribution on a global scale.

In addition to Oasis, Bitcentral also supplied Alhurra with Precis, which streamlines the process of going to air and playout of video. This end-to-end, scaleable workflow solution allows Alhurra to produce content for multiple platforms while reducing costs. Overall, both systems will help provide the creation of compelling content that journalists around the world can access for distribution across various formats (play-to-air, 24/7 online news, mobile devices).

Alhurra is operated by the nonprofit Middle East Broadcasting Networks and is financed by the U.S. Government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent federal agency.