Upcoming Event: HPA Technology Retreat

Early January is devoted to the consumer side of HDTV, and in 2005, late January provides an opportunity for immersion in the professional side at the HPA Technology Retreat in Palm Springs, Calif. HPA, the Hollywood Post Alliance, is, as its name implies, an association of Southern California TV/cinema post production companies, who took over mounting the annual Technology Retreat after the demise of ITS. The retreat is not just for the post-production industry, and many broadcasters and others interested in high-end television technology also attend.

Retreat attendees may expect to see a wealth of subject matter covered, including such hot topics as display and projection technology advancements (from a different perspective than that at CES), digital post production, and compression technologies. Additionally, there will technology displays, as differentiated from product displays.

The Retreat will be held from January 25 through 28, and further information may be obtained by visiting HPA Online. Broadcasters who are attempting to navigate their way through PSIP, now required by the FCC, can also attend the all-day PSIP Seminar, presented by the ATSC, on Tuesday afternoon, January 25. Details on the PSIP seminar are available on the ATSC Web site.