Unified Video Technologies Unveils IVE

MIAMI—Unified Video Technologies has launched its IVE managed service, which enables advertisers and event operators to create 360-degree user video experiences that can be viewed in real-time or on demand using tablets, smartphones or PCs.

IVE is intended for campaigns that draw consumers to advertiser sites in conjunction with major televised sports and cultural events.

The managed service offers each viewer an in-person, user-controlled experience of a televised event from a central vantage point via second-screen iOS, Android and browser applications. This technology has powered interactive campaigns by advertisers including Budweiser, Beck’s, Shangri-La Hotels, Subaru, Louis Vuitton, Topman, Ikea and Mont Blanc, driving click-throughs and social media “shares.”

As a fully managed service, IVE requires no capital investment by advertisers or venues and includes camera set-up and operation, encoding, app design and streaming to software applications.

IVE leverages spherical view cameras and stitching technology that produces seamless video in real time. Advertisers and content producers can design and implement consumer-controlled experiences that place users at center stage, center court or right beside a racecar driver. By moving a mobile device or mouse, viewers can “turn” to see events taking place all around them and above.

IVE features content management, ad and promotion insertion, geo-blocking, security and access control, content delivery via CDN, gyroscopically-operated iOS and Android applications, Web applications for Mac and PC and detailed analytics.