UEFA Champions League Coverage Gets Remote Assist from TVU

TVU Networks
(Image credit: TVU Networks)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—TVU Networks was a part of the team put together by UEFA to help with the first remotely produced 2020 UEFA Champions League and Europa League Final 8 Draw, as well as the 2020/2021 UEFA Champions’ League Group Stage Draw and awards ceremony.

With COVID-19 travel restrictions instituted across Europe, TVU Networks provided turnkey remote production systems to  participating clubs, allowing them to broadcast from their home locations. TVU also provided on-site technical and training support for the clubs and at UEFA headquarters in Geneva.

Each remote setup needed to include return audio feeds, mix minus feedback elimination for team member interviews, synchronized intercom communication for camera operators and transmission with less than one-second delay, per TVU.

The TVU remote package included TVU One mobile transmitters and the TVU Anywhere mobile broadcasting app, which were used to send live feeds from the remote locations to Radio Télévision Suisse in Geneva for broadcast onto the UEFA website and other major sport channels.

Additional equipment provided by TVU included the TVU Partyline, which enabled the remote clubs to receive return video of the live program output in real time.

VideolinkAG, TVU’s Switzerland-based partner, also provided technical support in Geneva.