TVU Networks releases TVUPack TM8000

TVU Networks has released the TM8000, an SDI version of its TVUPack mobile HD newsgathering backpack.

The TM8000 offers new capabilities, including SDI, HDMI and composite input, iPod wireless monitoring and a wireless hotspot feature.

The TM8000 allows broadcasters to use SDI video and audio input in the transmitter and SDI video and audio output in the receiving terminal. The TVUPack’s low-delay video encoding engine is powerful and packaged in a compact size. It is capable of delivering a broadcast-quality signal with latency of two seconds, even with limited bandwidth. TVU’s VBR technology automatically adjusts the bit rate according to the total available bandwidth. With VBR, the TVUPack will always use the full available bandwidth.

The TM8000 wireless hotspot feature also makes the backpack a gateway to the Internet. With this feature, the user’s laptop computer can access the Internet wirelessly.