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TVU Networks has introduced the TVUPack TM8200, designed to be a smaller, lighter and more powerful mobile wireless 3G/4G/LTE uplink solution available in a backpack. The unit enables camera crews to capture and transmit professional live HD video from more locations while using fewer data cards.

The TM8200 is powered by two new technologies: Inverse StatMux+, a resilient and reliable cellular transmission protocol, and TVU264, TVU’s proprietary H.264 encoding engine. With these technologies, the TM8200 is able to deliver professional-quality HD video in even the most congested network environments.

The TM8200 segments a video signal and broadcasts it over multiple wireless 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, WiMax, BGAN, satellite and microwave connections, ensuring that bandwidth from each connection is fully used and aggregated. It weighs 4lbs without its bag and accessories.