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T-VIPS products employ JPEG2000 for DTT, mobile TV contribution

T-VIPS demonstrated its digital terrestrial television solutions, aimed at ensuring DTT operators can deliver an enhanced viewer experience and maximise transmission bandwidth efficiency, during IBC2008.

The company highlighted its video gateways, which mainly use JPEG2000 for HD and SD signals to contribute and distribute video to terrestrial headends, as well as its cProcessor solutions, which are designed to enable localized DTT content services.

T-VIPS’ DTT solutions support GPS-locked transport over IP networks for DTT and mobile TV single frequency networks, removal of expired events from SI data and replacement of null packets in the transport stream with SI data.

The cProcessor product range simplifies the regional adaptation of video and audio services. It manages PSI/SI insertion and adaptation, supports SFN operation and remultiplexing at regional headends as well as monitors down to component and service level.

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