Tvinci Demos OTT 2.0 Platform at IBC2012

Tvinci will demonstrate what the company calls its “OTT 2.0” platform and discuss the market drivers behind it. The company will showcase features developed for creating an advanced social and personal TV experience, where viewers watch, rate, recommend and share content with friends on any device. At the heart of OTT 2.0 is the fact that content consumption is a personal experience.

"Each member of a household has their own content preferences, social network and mobile devices, and now they'll have their own TV," said Ofer Shayo, CEO, Tvinci. "We designed a platform that fits the individual nature of household members and creates a tailor-made watching experience for each of them. This approach facilitates the key elements, which come together in the form of OTT 2.0: the online delivery of TV, facilitating end-user participation and providing personalized recommendations integrated with the end users' social networks, across the entire range of connected devices. At IBC, we’ll demonstrate improved architecture created for easier interaction, alongside new SDKs for multiple mobile applications, enhanced device management tools for users to effectively manage the applications, and multi-DRM support in order to protect the content on any device."

IBC will also be the premiere of Tvinci's Mobile 2.0 app for tablets and smartphones, enabling the usage of two devices in "companion mode'. In this mode end users can use their mobile device for browsing and selecting a TV show through a social EPG that shows what their friends are watching, and then swipe it to preview on a TV set (powered by a STB or SmartTV). The companion device can also become a remote control so that users can browse for the next show and socialize while they watch uninterrupted.

Stand: 3.C46