TVB Tech Alert: Flo TV Device Spotted

Techies claim have image of Qualcomm’s new mobile unit

CYBERSPACE: Techie sites across the innertubes are reporting a spotting of Qualcomm’s new dedicated mobile TV device. Reports emerged late last month that Qualcomm was developing the FLO TV Personal Television, or PTV, to run specifically on its Media FLO digital TV service. Verizon and AT&T use Media FLO, though just a few handsets support the technology.

The Boy Genius Reportand engadgetboth have what they claim to be the first image of the device, sitting on a table near a paper coffee cup. It appears to be about 3-by-4 inches with a fold-out base like a picture frame.

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Tech blog maestro Peter Rojas set the tubes on fire today with a breaking story about a new portable DTV from Qualcomm.