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TV Technology STAR 2001 Awards

Winners of the second-annual TV Technology STAR Awards ran the gamut – from graphics applications to wireless mics. Selected for their ingenuity and exceptional offerings, we’d like to congratulate the following 14 companies. They are undoubtedly a STAR — a "Superior Technology Award Recipient."

Adobe Systems Inc. - AfterEffects 5.0
JudgesJay Ankeney

Susan Ashworth

Mary Gruszka

Craig Johnston

Bob Kovacs

Jonathan R. Pegg

Walter Schoenknecht
It’s not like Adobe’s never revisited its workhorse AfterEffects application; a constant stream of significant upgrades is part of the Adobe experience. Version 5.0, however, delivers new features and user enhancements that will lock-in AfterEffects as a top tier, no-excuses compositing application.

Advanced Broadcast Technology - Media Finger Printing

Media FingerPrinting enables broadcasters to verify that their correctly formatted signal is reaching its audience. By FingerPrinting the signal at both the input and output of the process, the integrity of the signal can be automatically checked – either by an operator or remotely via the Internet. The process of Media FingerPrinting works on the principles of image recognition and is non-evasive, as the FingerPrint is stored centrally rather than encoded into the image.

Agile Vision - AGV-1000

An all-in-one solution, the AGV-1000 is a digital master control switcher/server rolled into a single chassis. Designed to handle multiple applications – including switching, routing and storage – the AGV-1000 allows users to manipulate an MPEG compressed digital bitstream and output the stream to a number of distribution methods, be it broadcast, cable or the Internet.

Comprompter — The CATT

With an eye on the Internet, the CATT (Capture Automatically Transcode Transfer) is a hardware/software solution that automates newsroom delivery of video streaming to the Internet. Working alongside existing newsroom automation software, the CATT captures video, transcodes it to the appropriate Internet format and transfers it to a video server.

Dielectric - TUV Series Dual band UHF/VHF Antenna

The Dualband antenna allows for the combing of a high-band VHF and any UHF frequency in a single pylon style antenna. This technology will allow a high-band VHF analog broadcaster with a UHF DTV assignment to use a single antenna and transmission line to broadcast both signals at full power from a single top mounted antenna. This is a very innovative solution for implementing DTV while minimizing additional capacity needed on the tower and still providing full power analog and digital television service.

IPV (Internet Pro Video) - Flexible Media Architecture (FMA)

The FMA allows real-time, frame accurate, timecode-based video editing via the Internet – even with a dial-up modem – by using a low resolution proxy file of material stored at full bandwidth on a remote server anywhere in the world. An FMA-generated file can be placed directly into a QuickTime-enabled editing application and the results can be sent to a client wherever they have Internet access.

JVC — D-ILA Projector Technology

From corporate applications to large-venue setups, JVC introduced a handful of new projectors at the NAB2001 this year. Behind it all: the company’s D-ILA technology. The technology was designed to help eliminate stripe noise and produce clear images from edge to edge, all the way across a screen.

Matthews Studio Equipment - Road Rags

How to get the best light shot when you’re on the road? Mathews Studio Equipment (MSE) has one solution: the Road Rags. A portable lighting modification system, a videographer is able to duplicate standard studio lighting effects by setting up these silk and flag frames in front of a light. What’s better, the 18- x 24-inch frames attach to the light pole that’s already at the shoot.

Microdolly - Suction Mount Kit

Mounting a camera to a moving vehicle or in a tight spot is seldom easy, but Microdolly’s Suction Mount Kit offers a new way to solve an old problem. Three suction cups, six universal joint clamps and a set of rods connect to a camera plate to mount a camera or a light nearly anywhere.

Nucomm - Analog Coder

The Nucomm Analog Coder works with existing analog microwave links and STLs, converting them to digital. By using the systems on an existing STL, a TV station can avoid applying for a license for a new digital STL and avoid the cost of engineering studies to mount a new dish on existing towers.

Sony - XPRI Nonlinear Editing System

Focused on the converging HD and SD worlds, Sony has jumped into the nonlinear editing market with the XPRI. The XPRI family comprises two products: a SD editor, and a fully featured HD version capable of working in either compressed or uncompressed high-definition modes. A feature most will find refreshing: a fairly simply SD-to-HD upgrade path. To upgrade a standard definition XPRI, users need a small hardware addition, new operating software and additional hard disc storage.

Telex - BTR-800 Two-Channel Intercom

For those applications where two channels are required, Telex has introduced the BTR-800 UHF band intercom system. Standard features on the BTR-800 include wireless talk around; stage announce and relay closure; and a feature called Enhanced ClearScan, which that automatically searches for the cleanest frequency.

Videotek - STM-350 Streaming Video Unit

Keeping an eye on your equipment is tough enough – but how best do you handle monitoring of multiple sites? Videotek’s STM-350 streamer is one solution, allowing a station to keep an eye on multiple transmitters and stations. The STM-350 allows users to view real-time waveforms, vector, video and audio displays – originated via the VTM-300/400HD systems – using standard LAN or Internet connections.

Zaxcom - Digital Wireless Microphone System

Small enough to fit inside the tiniest jean pocket, the Digital Wireless Microphone System from Zaxcom was designed for film, television and ENG applications. Features on this matchbox-sized system include studio-quality digital transmission, automatic clear channel selection and transmitter pushbutton control.