TV Technology and TVB Are Ready for Some Football

With the New England Patriots aiming for a perfect 19–0 season and the New York Giants looking to play the role of giant slayer on Sunday, both TV Technology and Television Broadcast magazines are looking at the technology behind the big game.

In the Jan. 23 issue of TV Technology, Ken Freed looks at how Fox Sports and Game Creek Productions are prepping for the game.

"We're trying to build an entire city over a two week period," said Jerry Steinberg, vice president field operations for Fox Sports in Los Angeles. "The Super Bowl setup used to take a month, but we've learned from shooting the weekly NASCAR races how to make an aggressive set-up schedule feel comfortable and efficient."

While in the January issue of TVB, Michaela Cavallaro looks back at how Super Bowl coverage has evolved over the past 42 years.

"I would be surprised if between the two networks they had more than seven cameras" [to cover Super Bowl I in 1967], said Ken Aagaard, senior vice president for operations and production services at CBS Sports. "There were no isos, no individual replays — they were just covering the game with wide shots from a high end-zone camera and high cover cameras. The audio was in mono, and that was it."