TV Magic supplies DVR for Japanese experiment module aboard International Space Station

Harris, TV Magic and ChAS have modified Harris’ digital recording modules as a collaborative effort.
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TV Magic has provided the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) with a DVR system adapted and tested for installation on the International Space Station (ISS). The DVR is part of an Image Processing Unit (IPU), being delivered to JAXA by Japan's Chiyoda Advanced Solutions, to be used on the space station to enable recording of various experiments, video data and buffering of them prior to downlink to earth stations.

The custom digital recording solution comprises Harris’ DVR-3901-TVM digital recording modules that have been modified as a collaborative effort by Harris, TV Magic and ChAS. The DVR-3901-TVM modifications allow the solution to pass specifications for factors including EMI, RFI, micro spin and g-force. Installed in rack No. 4 of the Japanese experiment module (JEM), it will be the first hard-disk video recorder used on board the JEM, which is currently scheduled for a 2008 space shuttle mission.

The DVR has been tested individually and within the IPU housing the equipment, prior to and following installation in flight racks. The new equipment will be used in conjunction with several other video-source systems on board the ISS.

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