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Turning Point Upgrades to HD With Fujinon

One of Turning Point’s six new Sony HDC-1400 HD cameras. All are fitted with Fujinon lenses.
Turning Point, the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah and the Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, Calif. is upgrading to high-definition operations, and has added six new Sony HDC-1400 cameras equipped with Fujinon HD lenses.

Three of the cameras are fitted with Fujinon HA42x9.7BERD lenses, two others have Fujinon’s HA22x7.8 BERD optics and a jib-mounted HDC-1400 is equipped with a Fujinon HA12x4.6 BERM model.

The cameras are controlled from a new 45-foot mobile production unit that was designed for HD operations. It is used exclusively for Turning Point projects and travels on a regular basis between the Shadow Mountain Community Church and the operation’s post production facility in Lakeside, Calif.

“We produce one-hour and half-hour formatted shows,” said Jeff Larson, Turning Point’s director of radio and television production. “We don’t turn those around in a week or two weeks like some other ministries. We wait until we have an entire series done--that’s 10 to 12 messages. Then we’ll produce study materials to go along with them such as study guides, books, and CD sets. Our upgrade to HD should help keep Turning Point technologically relevant in the highly competitive space that is television.”

Larson said that the Fujinon lenses selected for the high-definition cameras provided several benefits not realized with lenses used previously, including higher zoom speeds.

“It allows the cameramen to get in, get the shot, get their focus checked, and get back out,” said Larson. “It is significantly faster than what we were able to do before. That’s one of the benefits of the upgrade.”

Larson said that he was also impressed with the image quality from the new Fujinon lenses.

Turning Point produces religious programming that is seen on a nationwide basis on several networks.