TSN, RDS Launch 5G Feature for Controlling Broadcast Views

TSN 5G View
(Image credit: TSN)

MONTREAL—TSN and RDS are providing hockey fans a chance to change up their viewing experience, using 5G to power a new service that offers a range of unique broadcast camera angles, as well as game highlights and replays.

TSN 5G View/Vision 5G RDS is an exclusive in-app smartphone (iOS and Android) feature that uses Bell 5G to not only offer footage from more than 80 time-slice cameras around an arena to see the game from various angles, but also to rewind and rewatch a play, and zoom in at any time during a live game. Fans can also access on-demand highlights during the broadcast and post-game.

In addition to the 80 cameras, 1,500 meters of fiber, 96 dedicated servers and a specialized control center were installed at the Bell Centre to support the 5G services. The Bell Centre is the home of the Montreal Canadiens.

TSN 5G View/Vision 5G RDS will only be available during select Canadiens games and only throughout the team’s designated broadcast region. The service is expected to expand to more events, venues and teams over time.

“We’re literally handing control of the viewing experience to our fans through their Bell 5G smartphones,” said Nathalie Cook, vice president, TSN & RDS. “Because they can’t attend the games in person, we think hockey fans will be delighted with this innovative new option to get close to the action.”

MLB utilized a similar technology with T-Mobile last year for World Series broadcasts.

For more information, visit TSN.ca/5GView (opens in new tab) or RDS.ca/Vision5G (opens in new tab)