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Triveni Digital’s StreamScope Portal Now Shipping Worldwide

PRINCETON, N.J. —Triveni Digital’s StreamScope Portal portable MPEG analysis and troubleshooting tool is now available and shipping.

Utilizing the tablet-based device, cable operators and broadcasters can perform real-time or file-based MPEG-2/MPEG-4 analysis and remote monitoring of DTV transport streams to ensure compliance with industry standards and deliver high-quality video services to viewers.

By providing comprehensive MPEG analysis and monitoring capabilities in a portable form factor, StreamScope Portal reduces the time to detect, isolate and repair video impairments that impact the quality of the viewer's experience, including video tiling, lip sync errors, intermittent tuning, inconsistent loudness levels and missing components. Through StreamScope Portal's personal, touch-based, portable form factor, engineers can rapidly perform file-based or real-time MPEG-2/MPEG-4 analysis and monitoring of DTV transport streams with Gigabit Ethernet, ASI and RF interfaces. An intuitive, Web-based graphical user interface offers instant access to alerts, video thumbnails, audio graphs, cross tables, EPG data, system logs and file-based analysis.

In addition to performing real-time or file-based analysis, StreamScope Portal also acts as a gateway to other Triveni Digital products, including GuideBuilder 5.0 and StreamScope MT and RM analyzers and remote monitoring devices, further increasing operational efficiencies and cost savings for cable operators and broadcasters. Optional input interfaces, such as RF, will be available later this year.