Triveni Digital unveils new software for StreamScope monitoring platform

At the Australian Broadcast Exhibition in Sydney last week, Triveni Digital showed the latest software release — Version 2.0 — for its StreamScope RM-40 remote monitoring instrument.

StreamScope RM-40 remotely monitors, measures, records and analyzes DTV streams to ensure their integrity, reliability and compliance with standards and user-defined targets. The streams can be monitored from any SNMP agent in the network, and alarms can be distributed via e-mail, SMS or SNMP.

The latest software release for the StreamScope RM-40 product family introduces several new features designed to minimize operating costs for broadcast and cable operators, while addressing key issues in the delivery of a satisfactory viewing experience.

The enhancements include a new Live Services Monitor and thumbnail views of the real-time stream being monitored, which allows operators to confirm that video is present and can be utilized for confidence monitoring.

It also includes automatic transport-type detection that allows rule clusters to be applied based on transport type (MPEG-only, DVB-SI, etc.). Enhanced reporting on stream status, such as a change to the encryption state or failure of anticipated messages to arrive, results in the system immediately alerting the operator.

The StreamScope RM-40 2.0 software release supports decoding of Active Format Description (AFD) data to indicate the proper aspect ratio conversions between formats. These extensive real-time monitoring and alert capabilities are valuable in DTV carriage auditing and in maintaining service level agreements.