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Trilogy Launches Mobile App for Gemini Distributed Matrix System

ANDOVER, U.K.: Trilogy Communications is launching its Intercom Anywhere solution, a mobile application for its Gemini distributed matrix system. The new mobile application installs on Android or Windows mobile devices including PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Designed to work with Tilogy’s Gemini distributed matrix intercom systems, Intercom Anywhere enables remote users to access the full non-blocking audio capabilities of the intercom systems from anywhere at any time and be up and running in minutes without the need for dedicated hardware. Audio mixing and routing will continue to take place in the Gemini matrix, however individual users will access the intercom via a Virtual Panel on the mobile device and a VoIP connection over standard TCP/IP networks. Compatible user devices include desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets running either the Android or Windows operating systems.

Mobile users will have access to up to 32 simultaneous voice channels for direct and conference style communications. Calls to and from radios, other phones and other voice technologies connected to the Gemini system are also supported from a mobile device that can operate on a wired or wireless network. Gemini will continue to integrate with its existing Commander, Orator and Mercury systems, and it operates with all of Trilogy’s current panel range.