Trans-Pacific Submarine System Delivers 4K Encrypted Video

Ciena Digital Video Transport rack

HANOVER, MD.—Ciena and collaborating customers Southern Cross and Vodafone New Zealand, showcased trans-Pacific uncompressed 4K encrypted video transmission at the GLIF (Global Lambda Interchange Facility) annual conference, hosted by Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand Lt). This demonstration highlights how the long-distance networks operated by Southern Cross and Vodafone New Zealand can use Ciena’s digital video transport and assured networking solutions to deliver high-capacity and secure services.

During this demonstration, 4K images traverse a round-trip of approximately 30,000 kilometers with a total latency of less than one-quarter of a second, all with the encryption process occurring at line speeds without adding any noticeable delay. This important encryption capability can be used by broadcasters, healthcare institutions, governments and research organizations to secure the flow of data and protect content from theft.

By using Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and the 565 Advanced Services Platform, a 4K video camera sent an uncompressed and encrypted 4k video signal from Queenstown, New Zealand to the Southern Cross cable landing site near Los Angeles, Calif., through a trans-Pacific 12Tbps capable submarine system. The signal was then returned to New Zealand, where it was decrypted and displayed on high-resolution 4K televisions at the conference.

A key component of this demo was Ciena’s 565, a compact metro WDM platform that enables a variety of data, storage and video services to be cost-efficiently aggregated onto an optical wavelength-based network or service. The 565 is highly suitable for remote National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) or regional R&E network services deployment.

Ciena’s 6500 provides the encryption and transport of the 4K video across the WaveLogic 3 based 100G link. The 6500 high-density, protocol-agnostic 10G wire-speed encryption solution provides increased protection of critical data via a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant Advanced Encryption Standards (AES256) design, which includes physical tamper detection with zeroization, among other advanced security features.

This high-performance connection was provided by Southern Cross, Vodafone New Zealand and Ciena was in place for the duration of the GLIF conference, which was held Sept. 29 - Oct. 2. The system will then be used for a number of advanced research and computer communications experiments and demonstrations.