Tower Owners, Crews, Beware of Reality Shows

WATERTOWN, S.D.: The National Association of Tower Erectors sent out a message to its members over the Christmas holidays: Beware of reality shows calling.

The impetus for this was a solicitation by a reality show producer to some NATE members seeking participation in a reality show called “Tower Dogs.” The show would follow tower crews around on and off the job. Naturally, being a reality show all sorts of drama would be expected to ensue.

In the missive, NATE Chairman Jim Coleman reminds those considering participation that the camera never stops rolling and that “only the producer knows what footage will end up on the show.” He points to past industry experiences wherein “the media can bring unwanted and even negative attention by sensationalizing every aspect possible to increase ratings.”

He warns: “Any mistakes or regrettable behavior that crews may have displayed while on or off duty are now caught on film and, right or wrong, those images could be viewed by customers, potential customers, regulators and the industry – possibly resulting in serious legal, regulatory and other implications for your company.”

NATE encouraged those solicited or anyone receiving future solicitations to contact the organization for appropriate responses.

-- Radio World