Tool Facilitates Closed Caption Data Extraction

Rockville, Md. – Closed captioning software company CPC has released a new feature for MacCaption and CaptionMaker software: the QCC Multi-Format Import.

This tool enables caption data extraction from a variety of different video file formats and reads captioning data from a variety of archived SD and HD video files.

The new QCC Importer expands possibilities for automatically converting broadcast TV data to SMPTE 2052 Timed Text, WebVTT, QuickTime CC for Apple iOS, iTunes, UltraViolet, YouTube and other web closed captioning formats. MacCaption and CaptionMaker software support scripting as part of its automated workflow. This tool also allows users to check video files for caption data, facilitating importing closed captions from the following file types:

.mpg .mpeg .m2v .mpv .ts .m2t .m2ts (MPEG-2 user data, line 21)

.mov .mp4 .m4v .3gp (QuickTime CC tracks, line 21)

.mxf (SMPTE 436m, MPEG-2 user data, line 21)

.gxf (MPEG-2 user data, line 21)

.lxf (MPEG-2 user data, line 21)

.avi .wmv (Line 21)

“With this new feature we can now extract an even wider variety of closed captioning formats from more video file types than ever before, including cross-platform support for formats that were previously platform specific,” CPC product manager Jason Livingston said.