TNDV Mobile Production Trucks Standardize on Harman

NASHVILLE—TNDV has standardized on Harman digital audio consoles, enabling the company to deliver multi-channel audio production capabilities for remote broadcast and production projects of all sizes.

Nic Dugger, owner and president of TNDV, says that the fleet-wide upgrade took several years and required a sizeable investment, but in some cases, the standardization has encouraged repeat business.

Because Harman models feature compatible, interchangeable parts, TNDV’s flexibility on live show sites is improved since parts can be swapped between the Soundcraft and Studer models in the field. And since TNDV’s truck engineers are familiar with the Harman architecture, they can perform routine maintenance and even trouble-shoot when necessary.

Aspiration, TNDV’s flagship HD expanding side video mobile unit, offers a Soundcraft Vi4 live production console with 72 input channels and 36 outputs, with up to 42 faders and 5.1 surround sound mixing capability in a private, on-board audio mix booth.

TNDV’s digital audio-only mobile unit Vibration features the flagship Studer Vista 9 console with 256 inputs and 7.1 surround sound capabilities. Designed for audio mixing and recording of broadcast television and digital film productions, Vibration is a 53-foot semi-trailer that houses an acoustically isolated audio suite, machine room, and comfortable client lounge with custom furnishings and hardwood floors.

TNDV’s other Nashville-based trucks, Inspiration and Origination, both feature Soundcraft Vi1 consoles with up to 32 motorized faders, 96 DSP channels and 5.1 surround sound mixing capability. The Origination installation was the most recent upgrade, with the Soundcraft Vi1 vastly improve audio capabilities on the 30-foot mobile production unit.