TNDV Adds 20 Sony 4K/HD Cameras to Mobile Production Portfolio

(Image credit: TNDV)

NASHVILLE—Mobile production company TNDV has made its second largest investment in Sony 4K/HD cameras, adding 20 Sony HDC-4300L camera systems, bringing a total of 28 Sony cameras to its gear portfolio.

Four of the newly acquired HDC-4300Ls have been placed on Exclamation, TNDV’s flagship 4K/HD mobile unit, bringing that truck’s camera complement to 12. The other 16 cameras have been split between Collaboration—TNDV’s newest truck, which rolled out on February 22—and Aspiration, another popular mainstay of TNDV’s mobile production fleet.

“The Sony brand is highly respected for high-end 4K video acquisition, and especially revered for live, large-scale entertainment event productions,” said TNDV President Rob Devlin. “The 4K image quality these cameras capture is impressive, even when displayed on massive LED screens in large arenas. With 12 cameras on Exclamation, we can easily handle large, 12-camera shows, or multi-camera shows that require ample backup cameras.” 

While Exclamation typically focuses on the biggest shows and events, Collaboration and Aspiration can now offer this same Sony 4K image quality on smaller entertainment event shoots. Professional cameras previously housed on those trucks have rippled down to smaller trucks in the fleet, such as Inspiration, as well as custom-configured flypacks the company said.

The Sony HDC-4300L camera system features three 2/3-inch 4K imagers and supports wide color gamut for precise color reproduction when shooting live. It enables 4K capture for multiple 4K and HD outputs and super slow motion, among other capabilities, while integrating seamlessly within Sony 4K live production workflows.

According to Devlin, the new cameras have already been used for live 4K/UHD production of two CMT Television series: CMT Crossroads and CMT Storytellers. “Our goal is to satisfy customer demands for Sony 4K acquisition and workflows, especially for large entertainment shows, while attracting more high-end customers for events of all sizes that prefer Sony cameras for their productions.”