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TiVo Debuts Prototype Harmonic-Powered Cloud PVR

AMSTERDAMThis, from TiVo: TiVo is debuting a prototype of its next-generation cloud television offering, which includes new TiVo features delivered with a networked PVR, during the IBC show in Amsterdam.

The TiVo Network PVR will use TiVo’s cloud service. This is the next step for operators considering a transition to IP-delivered content and use of IP clients and consumer-provided devices, TiVo said. TiVo’s Network PVR extends the TiVo Service and user experience while enabling consumers to locate, consume and socially share cloud-delivered content through the TiVo user interface.

In addition to moving the Roamio experience to the cloud, the service would allow operators and programmers to manage content rights, create multiple tiers of network PVR features, and multiscreen policies. For instance, operators deploying TiVo network PVR could offer a premium nPVR service with expanded catch-up and save options. The service would also allow programmers to target advertising in cloud-hosted time-shifted content.

The content is prepared using Harmonic’s integrated multiscreen solution—the ProMedia Live real-time multiscreen transcoder with enhanced H.264 for high-quality adaptive bitrate video streams, ProMedia Package adaptive stream preparation application, ProMedia Origin HTTP streaming video server, and Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage to address the demand for video delivery to Internet and mobile devices.

Additionally, TiVo plans to activate co-viewing features through social networks and recommendations across separate content libraries. E.g., TiVo’s nPVR service would allow a viewer to share a recorded program with an authorized user who missed the show with a few clicks of the remote control.