TitanTV launches TitanCast Network

TitanTV Media has launched TitanCast Networks, powered by the TitanCast Content Syndication Platform (CSP). The TitanCast Network is a group of local broadcasters, content owners and advertisers tied together by the TitanCast CSP.

Broadcasters upload local content and advertising of their choice into the TitanCast Network. Stations then promote the TitanCast Player on their Web sites, enabling a new model of advertising revenue and content distribution.

The TitanCast Network connects content owners, national and local advertisers and local broadcasters to viewers in real time over the Web, creating a new, more powerful interactive way for content owners and advertisers to reach viewers.

One thousand local TV stations syndicate the TitanTV guide on their Web sites. The TitanCast Player will be launched from these sites and will handle the bulk of syndicated content delivery. Several pilot tests of the TitanCast Network are planned for 2007, including those by Capitol Broadcasting and Morgan-Murphy.

For more information, visit www.titantvmedia.com.