Time Warner Cable’s digital tiers rely on SeaChange for local ad insertions

With its multi-million dollar digital upgrade now complete, Time Warner Cable systems in New York City, Houston and San Antonio, Tex., are using newly enhanced SeaChange International servers and software technology that enables the customized distribution of local advertising spots.

These cable systems are among the first to upgrade their existing SeaChange Spot Systems advertising insertion platforms, based on SeaChange’s MediaCluster servers, to enable advertisers looking for niche programming audiences to easily and reliably reach Time Warner’s most upscale homes.

Due to the new digital upgrade at the respective cable headend facilities, the three cable systems can now insert digital avails into their local inventory with SeaChange Transport Stream Inserters and Digital Transcoder software.

Bill Styslinger, SeaChange's president and CEO, said the company’s engineering efforts are focused on ensuring that cable’s ad business is “seamlessly maintained and expanded to digital channels and new opportunities within high-definition and on-demand services.” As digital subscribers and digital channels increase, he said, the company is helping cable operators further extend the strategic advantages of local and interconnect advertising without changing the way they do business.

SeaChange’s Transport Stream Inserter and Digital Transcoder combine the various aspects of in-house advertising operations by merging digital tier inventory with spot libraries and any third-party traffic and billing system. Designed to integrate with existing SeaChange Spot analog insertion systems and any digital stream remultiplexor, the Transport Stream Inserter supports up to 96 channels of digital ad insertion, while a single rack of 10 units supports up to 900 digital channels. The Transport Stream Inserter’s increased storage and streaming capacity can also handle HD ad insertions.

The Digital Transcoder software automatically encodes content in a single step that prepares any spot for insertion into analog, digital and HD video streams while enabling ad replacement in video-on-demand streams as well. SeaChange’s digital ad insertion platform is built on cable industry standards and open systems technology.

For more information visit www.schange.com.

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