The NewsMarket introduces Broadcastroom Web technology

The BroadcastRoom offers users the ability to download broadcast-standard video on demand.

The NewsMarket has launched the BroadcastRoom, a software product that allows organizations to offer the broadcast news media the ability to download high-bandwidth, broadcast-standard video directly from their own Web sites.

The NewsMarket pioneered archiving and automatic delivery of broadcast-standard video from its online video library in 2000. Today The NewsMarket offers news professionals the ability to search, preview and download free multimedia content from a broad spectrum of organizations.

Now, NewsMarket customers will be able to offer this same technology to the news media visiting their Web sites. The ability to download broadcast-standard video on demand significantly improves the news media’s access to video and delivers unprecedented workflow benefits. At the same time, digital distribution cuts costs and speeds up response time for organizations that wish to ensure dissemination of their video around the clock — and across the globe.

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