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Scopus to upgrade headends in Hungary, Bulgaria

FN Cable Holdings, a pan-European Multi Service Operator management group, will deploy Scopus Video Networks’ headend solutions for the digital upgrade of its FiberNet Hungary and Eurocom Bulgaria subsidiaries, Scopus said last week.

Hungary's FiberNet headend consists of a full range of IP-based platforms broadcasting 91 channels from Budapest throughout the country. The end-to-end headend system consists of Scopus' IVG-7000 series routing and processing platforms, IRD-2900 professional MPEG-2 receiver-decoders and NMS-4000 network management system.

For Bulgaria's Eurocom ASI-based headend in Sofia, Scopus' IVG-7100, IRD-2900, CID-3100 DVB-CI decryptor, and NMS-4000 management system are at the center of the digital headend renovation, which will enable distribution of 74 channels.

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Hughes Communications places second order withNet Insight

HTN Communications, formerly Hughes Television Network, recently placed its second order with Net Insight to expand its Nimbra-based transport network, Net Insight said last week.

In October 2007, Net Insight received its first order from HTN Communications for a Nimbra-based network for enhanced sports programming across the United States.

The new Nimbra equipment will be delivered in the first quarter of 2008.

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ANT joins Open IPTV Forum

ANT Software said Feb. 21 that it’s joined the Open IPTV Forum, a pan-industry initiative aimed at producing end-to-end specifications for IPTV. ANT will contribute to the specifications being developed within the Open IPTV Forum.

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OmniBus launches VAR program for iTX

OmniBus Systems has announced a value-added reseller (VAR) program for iTX, its software-based production and transmission solution. The company developed the program to enhance its reach into different market sectors and allow resellers to target and provide a solution for traditional broadcast, IPTV, Internet and mobile TV applications.

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Tilgin, Nokia Siemens Networks ink agreement

Tilgin has signed a worldwide sales and marketing co-operation agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks regarding the sale of pre-integrated Tilgin IPTV set-top boxes to selected customers.

Under the agreement, the Tilgin IPTV Mood product series will be specifically tailored for compatibility with the evolution of Nokia Siemens' technical platform end eco-partners for IPTV solutions. The agreement has an initial term of two years.

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