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The Hospital turns to Leitch X75 HD multi-converter

The Hospital, a multi-camera HD studio in London, will use Leitch’s X75HD for live BBC production.

The Hospital, in London, has purchased Leitch Technology’s new X75 HD multiple path converter and synchronizer.

The X75HD will be used to provide HD down conversion and synchronization for a live BBC production in The Hospital's HD studios.

The X75HD features simultaneous up and down conversion with aspect ratio conversion for hybrid, SD and HD facilities; level/color control; optional 3-D adaptive color decoding with time base correction; and optional noise reduction.

The X75HD's 16 channels of internal audio processing include timing with video for lip sync corrections; level control; A/D and D/A conversion; embedded processing for both SDI and HD-SDI serial digital signals and integrated Dolby decompression.

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