Thales helps France Telecom’s video-over-telephone

Thales Broadcast and Multimedia was selected by France Telecom as the systems integrator for “MaLigne tv,” a new video-over-telephone service in Lyon, France. The project, launched earlier this month, allows users to select content from a pool of more than 100 video programs.

The system allows subscribers to get access to both video-on-demand (VOD) services and to watch live TV programs from various services.

In addition to systems integration services, Thales provided the core equipment to create and set-up the service platform. “Our expertise and knowledge in digital television allowed us to respond on-time to France Telecom’s requirements and to ensure the complete integration and deployment of a highly innovative platform for the Lyon project,” said Denis Ranque, CEO of Thales.

The Thales broadband systems architecture builds on France Telecom’s ADSL network, which connects all premises where the various equipment is located, and on the Thales SmartVision TV platform that manages and controls all players within the system. The network equipment and servers are located in the telephone switches, in order to be as close as possible to the end users and consequently to optimize the bandwidth use.

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