Thailand’s Workpoint TV Upgrades With PlayBox Neo System

PlayBox Neo Workpoint TV
Workpoint TV Broadcast Engineering Supervisor Saran Chaichanachortsagul. (Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

BANGKOK, Thailand—PlayBox Neo has announced it recently worked with Thailand’s Workpoint TV to install an AirBox Neo-20-based system expansion. Workpoint TV had previously used PlayBox Neo equipment.

The installation of the AirBox Neo-20 software is meant to provide new features like the ability to process and transmit incoming content while it is still being ingested, according to Saran Chaichanachortsagul, Workpoint TV broadcast engineering supervisor.

Four AirBox Neo-20 channel-in-a-box servers, two ProductionAirBox Neo-20 live-production servers and PlayBox Neo’s Capture Suite were supplied to Workpoint TV by O’Connor’s Company Limited. One of the AirBox Neo-20 servers will handle archiving, while the new Capture Suite works with content ingest.

"This latest project confirms what we have long recognized, that many broadcasters around the world like to possess and maintain their own hardware and software onsite," said PlayBox Neo CEO Pavlin Rahnev. "We cover both bases, giving customers complete freedom to choose the mode of operation that best meets the demands currently placed on them while allowing easy expansion into server-plus-cloud or fully cloud-based playout if needed in the future.”

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