Telestream releases Launch for digital news production

By combining Launch and FlipFactory, Telestream offers broadcasters a fully automated, file-based news content delivery system.

Telestream has announced the immediate availability of Launch, a personal IP media delivery software application that enables Mac and PC-based journalists to quickly transmit news stories from video editing laptops over any IP network.

When delivered to FlipFactory at the station, Telestream provides a critical piece in today’s digital newsgathering system — automated media delivery all the way into newsroom systems.

By combining Launch and FlipFactory, Telestream offers a fully automated, file-based delivery solution.

Residing at the station, FlipFactory automatically ingests content from Launch, transcodes, and delivers the media files to destination systems. Telestream’s technology connects any nonlinear editing system to all digital newsroom systems and media servers. Outside of news, Launch is also useful for transmitting any edited material from nonlinear editing systems over IP networks.

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