Telemetrics supplies NASA with camera control system

Telemetrics, a provider of camera robotics and control technology, has been contracted to provide NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center with an Operational Television (OTV) camera control system. The system will capture and distribute images for monitoring space vehicles and launches at Launch Complex 39 of the space center.

OTV provides surveillance of facilities, space vehicles and payloads associated with checkout, countdown, launch and landing operations at the KSC. Video feeds from OTV cameras are normally available for KSC’s wide-area network distribution via the OTV switching systems. OTV video is also used as source video during launch or landing activities to NASA TV and local and worldwide broadcast operations by routing through the Kennedy Space Center News Facility (KSCNF).

The new camera control system can control up to 256 infrared, SD and HD cameras as well as other types of equipment. In addition, the system can emulate all types of existing camera control protocols. This allows users to control both legacy analog and new digital cameras with complete control that’s transparent to the user.

The main components of the system include a new ergonomic touchscreen remote control panel, multiple camera station controllers, camera station interfaces and maintenance workstations for remote system administration and control. Telemetrics cameras and equipment are also in operation at NASA’s Houston launch center.

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