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Tektronix Provides Video Network Monitors to Griffin Communications

BEAVERTON, ORE.—Tektronix’s Sentry series of video network monitors are heading to the plains of Oklahoma to Oklahoma City’s CBS-Affiliate, which is owned by Griffin Communications. Griffin is using the monitors to monitor the video and audio quality of experience it delivers to its viewers and to demonstrate compliance with the CALM Act for audio loudness and closed captioning requirements.


Tektronix provided Griffin with its Sentry Edge video network monitors for its broadcast facilities in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The Sentry Edge is optimized for program content and provides full reporting and alerting capabilities as well as detailed statistics and simplified graphics. Tektronix’s Sentry systems also feature a 60-day system log.

The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters recently used the Sentry system to conduct a mock FCC inspection of Griffin’s operation.

Tektronix is a provider of test, measurement and monitoring systems.