Tedial manages content for HD soccer channel

At the start of the 2008–2009 soccer season, MediaPro in Spain is launching a new channel called GOL, the first HD digital TV service dedicated exclusively to soccer. Central to its operation is a complete process and media management solution from Tedial.

The architecture of GOL uses a multichannel EVS server. The whole workflow is controlled by Tedial modular software products, including the Tarsys digital archive, content production process control using Ficus, browse resolution servers using Indexer and overall system integration from the Tedial Media Process Manager.

All content, from beginning to end, is stored in DNxHD format. The Tedial Indexer software provides a direct transcode, at faster than real time, into WMV format for the browse proxy copies immediately upon ingest. Indexer also generates storyboards automatically and manages the indexing.

The traffic system uses a simple Web interface to set up the recording of sports events, which is then managed by Tedial Ficus in conjunction with the Tedial Tarsys archive. The relevant metadata is exported to the EVS server in advance of the recording. Once it is complete, a log sheet with the event timing and other metadata, including graphics, is returned for cataloging in the Tarsys multimedia library.

For more information, visit www.tedial.com.