Tapeless Acquisition Moves Forward With Partnerships

Whether an available format, or a soon-to-be available format, tapeless acquisition systems from Ikegami and Panasonic have gotten a boost with strategic partnerships.

Ikegami’s available Editcam II, which records directly to a hard drive, is now an integral part of Pinnacle Systems’ Team Sports tapeless environment, being used by the Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pinnacle has also teamed with Panasonic to integrate networking solutions for tapeless acquisition, editing, and playout, based on Panasonic’s soon-to-be available DVCPRO P2 solid-state memory media format and Pinnacle’s IT-based networked media solutions for news, sports, editing, and delivery. P2 integration will be available on Vortex networked news systems, Liquid editing systems, Team Sports solutions, MediaStream servers, and Palladium Store shared storage systems.

Panasonic also announced that they will be working with Quantel to offer seamless P2 compatibility with Quantel’s generationQ editing and server systems for more efficient workflow.