TANDBERG Television introduces professional receivers

TANDBERG Television is launching a new professional integrated receiver decoder (IRD) range at NAB2008.

Optimized for specific high-volume video distribution applications, the new RX8300 series will simplify content acquisition for cable, satellite and telco operators.

Both the RX8310 Distribution Receiver and the RX8320 ATSC Broadcast Receiver provide an RF demodulator combined with ASI transport stream input for network delivery flexibility. Transport stream output is provided as a standard feature for content turnaround into digital cable, satellite and telco broadcast networks.

The RX8300 range has the capability to provide single- or multiservice descrambling, as well as multiformat MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:0 video decoding. Additionally, HD services are downconverted and output as SD video providing a route to video distribution into analog broadcast systems or for service monitoring.

For more information, visit www.tandbergtv.com.

View TANDBERG Television's RX8320 ATSC broadcast receiver at NAB2008.