TANDBERG Television, China, go digital

TANDBERG Television delivers digital solutions to China

TANDBERG Television is providing key transmission and delivery systems for a digital cinema project in Beijing, China. The project will place 11 cinemas in seven cities across China.

These cinemas will gain the capability to show live high-definition digital television coverage of news or sports games on the big screen.

TANDBERG Television’s Beijing team and its China business partner NDT are working with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) to deliver this digital cinema footage across China.

The new D-Cinema network uses TANDBERG Television high-definition satellite encoders, descramblers and HD receivers to deliver the HD signal from other countries to Beijing, where CCTV will decode it.

CCTV will then compress the HD source using TANDBERG Television’s E5821 HD encoders with BISS and QPSK options and then re-transmit the footage via satellite to the 11 cinemas. Locally, the cinemas will receive the signal using TANDBERG Television TT1220 receivers with BISS descrambling and decode the transport streams with PMRX HD decoders, then play the action using digital projectors.

TANDBERG Television is a key partner in helping to develop China's digital broadcasting infrastructure. The company also supplies state-of-the-art digital broadcasting equipment to customers such as China Telecom to support its satellite contribution and distribution (C&D) system. China Telecom's system uses TANDBERG Television equipment to allow television broadcasters such as CCTV and INC to distribute video and data throughout the country via satellite.

For information about TANDBERG Television go to www.tandbergtv.com .

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