Tandberg Selects LSI Logic Processing for Future Products

Tandberg Television has chosen LSI Logic's DoMiNo Network Media Processing technology for its next generation of professional video distribution products. Tandberg is developing products for mobile and portable applications and broadcast head-ends for use by satellite, cable, terrestrial and other operators.

The DoMiNo architecture provides integrated, high-quality, multiple stream media processing. The integrated motion estimation processor supports Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering and De-Interlacing for improved picture quality. This level of integration reduces system design complexity, component cost and time-to-market and increases system reliability while cutting power consumption. DoMiNo's flexible system bus and memory configuration allow for various system partitioning, providing design flexibility for optimizing and expanding system performance and functionality.

The programmable processor supports all MPEG audio and video compression formats including MPEG-4 and HDTV. Tandberg stated that it chose the LSI product because it is compact, low-power and flexible.