Syndication service provides way to monetize TV news assets

Monetizing digital news assets on the Internet may have gotten a little easier with the unveiling of a new service that connects the news departments of local television stations with Web publishers looking to add video news items to their site.

New York City-based Critical Mention April 20 launched ClipSyndicate, a news syndication service that allows Web publishers to use a keyword Internet search of its site to browse, view and select video news stories from its library for use on their sites. Web publishers can even customize the clips with their own headline and a summary, then publish them to their sites with minimal intervention.

ClipSyndicate gives local broadcasters and others a way to syndicate their video news stories into vertical Internet niches and to monetize content that might otherwise have just sat unused in digital form after its initial airing.

Web publishers can pay a fee that’s split between ClipSyndicate and the content owner each time a clip is viewed and sell their own ads, or they can allow ClipSyndicate to sell ads and participate in a three-way revenue split with the service and the content owner.

Currently, the service is in beta and not selling advertising. Rather, it is focused on “building out a robust ecosystem for publishers and broadcasters” with “the goal of the most (news content) in there,” said ClipSyndicate vice president of marketing Sharon Tolpin. To date, it has secured Clear Channel Communications, Bloomberg and The Associated Press as video news content providers. The service is working on securing others, and plans to announce another major provider soon, she said.

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