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Sweetwater Digital Productions adds FFV Omega HD DVR to production arsenal

Sweetwater Digital Productions, a full-service video production equipment rental company based in Van Nuys, CA, has chosen the Fast Forward Video Omega HD DVR for its mobile HD broadcast service offering.

Onboard all three of Sweetwater’s production trucks, the Omega HD provides a cost-effective solution for video playout and replay for mobile productions. The DVR acts as an enhancement to production switching equipment, allowing Sweetwater clients to ingest prerecorded video segments at a moment’s notice.

These segments, primarily for transition effects, are often too large to be stored in the switcher’s memory. The Omega HD then interacts with a controller to play the video clips out on cue as part of a live sports or entertainment production.

The Omega HD deck is an HD recorder based on JPEG2000 compression. Available in single- and dual-channel or simultaneous play-and-record configurations, it delivers all the advantages of HD images and the random-access, nonlinear benefits of hard disk media.

Single- and dual-channel units offer removable, hot-swappable 2.5in SATA drives compatible with Elite HD and feature SATA and USB ports for video download.

The simultaneous play-and-record configuration allows users to replay a slow-motion clip while recording the action without missing a second. It is capable of up to 18 hours of record time based on two 500 GB drives and includes a USB 2.0 port to easily download video files.