Survey: Content Owners seek Telco Networks for Video Transport

Video transport solutions provider Nevion recently released the results of a survey pointing to the willingness of content owners, specifically broadcasters, to utilize service providers for video transport.

Citing over 200 participants, including broadcasters, cable TV companies, film studios, educational institutions and government agencies, a reported 25% are already using IP networks and 45% would consider it. A firm majority of respondents, 65%, said they would work directly with the service providers.

According to Nevion CEO Oddbjorn Bergem, broadcasters had previously been reluctant to believe telco networks could handle their traffic. As the need for more bandwidth grew with technologies such as HD, 3D and the 3Gbps infrastructure, he speculates that telcos have become the only answer.

Reasons against choosing service providers included cost of network use (35%), maintaining content quality, and 22% had worries over losing control of content and how it is transported.