Sundance Digital unveils Digital Delivery Management Engine

The new application provides a cost-effective solution that streamlines workflow transfer from cache servers to broadcast video servers.

Sundance Digital has unveiled the new Digital Delivery Management Engine (DDME), a cost-effective application that provides broadcasters, local stations, cable channels and cable origination operations with a streamlined solution for file-based ingest of third-party material. DDME provides broadcasters with a significantly improved workflow by automatically enabling file-based media to be found and transferred under automated control.

The DDME is a hardware extension of Sundance Digital's Digital Delivery Management System (DDMS), which manages digital file transfers and metadata between cache and on-air video servers. The DDME presents a windowed view of the available cache material alongside the server database and provides a drag-and-drop method of executing the file transfer to the video server. Users can easily identify delivered content, tag it with traffic metadata, transcode it and copy it to their playback server. Low-resolution proxy generation allows that media to be viewed by users outside of master control. The clips can be accessed via Sundance Digital's SalesView, Program View or Web Inventory modules.

The DDME works in conjunction with Sundance Digital's Titan, FastBreak NXT Automation and FastBreak NXT Entry Level Edition automation suites and incorporates Harmonic’s Rhozet Carbon Coder as its video transcoding solution.

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