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Sundance Digital installs Fastbreak Automation system into dual-station Dayton facility

NBC affiliate WKEF-TV and Fox station WRGT-TV recently installed a two-channel FastBreak system and a Pinnacle Systems MediaStream server that includes a dedicated channel for the WKEF/NBC side and for WRGT/Fox.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group stations, located in Dayton, Ohio, recently installed a two-channel FastBreak Automation System driving a Pinnacle MediaStream server - one channel for the WKEF/NBC side and the other for WRGT/Fox.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is working with system integrator AZCAR to install servers and Sundance Digital’s FastBreak Automation at several of its stations in addition to the Dayton facility. FastBreak Automation is a robust, scaleable and frame-accurate controller of video servers and other station peripherals.

Sundance's FastBreak Automation system manages information and controls the playback of all material in broadcast master control. It integrates SQL-based database management with frame-accurate server, tape transport and switcher/router control.

The FastBreak Automation system also includes archive management, distributed architecture, enhanced redundancy, intelligent traffic interface and satellite recording.

The WKEF/WRGT engineering team wired and installed the specified equipment. The Sundance Digital team went on-site to configure the new system, ensuring that it was optimized for WKEF/WRGT’s dual-station operation and ready to go on-air.

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