Studio Network Solutions highlights Postmap software at IBC

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) will use IBC2006 (Stand #7.518) to spotlight its Postmap file management software for Mac OS X and Windows workstations. Postmap is used to find, manage and catalog files located on a storage area network (SAN), file server or removable storage, such as FireWire drives and DVDs. It can be customized to accommodate workgroups of all sizes.

With Postmap, users can immediately locate folders and files stored locally, remotely, offline or online. It also allows users to easily create and attach “enhanced” meta-data to describe and classify specific files and folders. This custom “tagged” information can be used to reduce search times, share production notes and organize files to create a more efficient workflow process.

The software offers a powerful suite of highly customizable features including: scan/search, a sophisticated indexing and searching platform; enhanced meta-data, which provides the ability to easily build customized templates (digital forms) consisting of free text fields, date fields, keywords, hyperlinks, etc.; and workflow, which extends the enhanced meta-data feature in such a way that enables users to easily define the steps in its “workflow scenarios.”

Postmap's scalability is made possible via a unique architecture that allows its backend components (Postmap Server, Indexer and Database) to be installed on a single computer or distributed across multiple computers on any Ethernet network. This distributed architecture enables users to search the contents of a remote SAN.

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