Streambox to intro transports at NAB

At NAB2006, Streambox will introduce its next-generation video transport solutions for mobile satellite newsgathering.

The new SBT3-7500 system is built on Streambox’s ACT-L3 codec and proprietary video compression technology. The encoder solution is integrated in one compact portable device that features low-power consumption. The SBT3-7500 system matches MPEG-2 video quality at a 75 percent lower data rate, and it is up to 50 percent more efficient than MPEG-4.

Also new for NAB is the SBT3-7400 ACT-L3 transport, full duplex, a bidirectional, full-featured, low latency encoding and decoding conferencing solution. The SBT3-7400 utilizes the ACT-L3 codec with advanced IP networking capabilities. In addition to its 24-hour plug-and-connect real time transport capabilities that deliver full-motion, full-frame interlaced broadcast video and audio, the full duplex encoder/decoder system enables the user to send and receive video and audio simultaneously.

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