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Streambox Live technology turns viewers into contributors

Streambox now offers a new IP-based contribution service that allows field reporters and citizens to upload compressed live video streams to broadcast studios through Internet-based Streambox Live Data Centers. The Streambox Live service works in tandem with Streambox’s SD and HD video encoders and decoders, as well as its complete line of broadcast and distribution servers.

Using Streambox’s Live service, broadcasters deploy free encoding software for mobile phones and Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers to remote reporters and citizen journalists in the field and pay only for videos that are decoded. The service enables broadcasters to cost-effectively aggregate large volumes of live- and file-based videos. The service also includes easy-to-use encoding software for mobile phones and Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.

Streambox Live encoders are now available through the company's Web site for free. Broadcasters are charged a small fee for downloading content on demand from Streambox Live Data Centers, located across the country. The data centers provide 24/7 access and backup as well as account and file-level security on a high-bandwidth Internet backbone, which hosts all live and archived video.

Based on the company’s ACT-L3 technology, the Streambox Live service provides 512kbp/s video feeds for broadcast-quality SD video, supporting automated and ad hoc live video routing for playout on Streambox decoders and media players. The company's proprietary ACT-L3 encoding technologies allow high-quality SD and HD video signals to be compressed and streamed at low bandwidth. This technology combines Streambox’s Forward Error Correction (FEC) and automated bandwidth negotiation.

All incoming live videos and archived videos contain thumbnail views and associated metadata for routing or downloading, with metadata support provided for Slug, Broadcast Network, Location, and Reporter. The service's digital rights management features enable contributors and broadcasters to set video rights for control and video access for live and archived video.