STN installs 15th PlayBox channel-in-a-box broadcast playout server

STN Slovenia has chosen PlayBox Technology automated playout servers for the satellite teleport at its headquarters near Ljubljana. STN operates 42 playout channels as well as turnaround for more than 400 channels. 

A total of 15 PlayBox systems have been installed in an ongoing project, each configured for remote operation by STN's clients.

"We operate a fully file-based global television playout service," comments Tomaz Lovsin, Managing Director of STN. "Their modular structure gives us the ability to configure high-definition and standard-definition systems matching the specific requirements requested by our clients, including optional primary and secondary channels. The user interface is straightforward and logical right across the PlayBox Technology system, which makes staff training very easy." 

Each channel is fully self-contained and structurally compact, just one rack unit, which makes expansion very easy both to accommodate extra channels or to deliver additional features to existing clients."

Mitja Lovsin, Sales and Marketing Director at STN, said, "Everybody in the Middle East knows how to operate PlayBox. It's very easy for our customers to understand".

In the Middle East, "Once customers decide to launch a channel, they want it tomorrow," he added. "PlayBox is able to supply (STN with fully operational) channels within a couple of days."

Founded in July 2004, STN has grown from a small teleport into a global player with customers across the world. The company quickly established itself as one of the leading broadcast-over-satellite service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Based at a newly constructed state-of-the-art facility in Slovenia, STN has a strategically unique geographic location within the visible arc of all European and most Asian, Middle-Eastern, Trans-Atlantic and African satellites. This provides direct and reliable access to diverse multiplatform distribution options.