Station Manager Goes to Great Lengths to Raise Money

KILLEEN, TEXAS: Catherine Mason, the 81-year-old general manager of KPLE-CA, is planning to skydive to raise digital transition money for the station. Mason intends to make her “leap of faith” May 24 to raise th3 $50,000 in funds still needed by the station to make the transition. KPLE, a Class A low-power Christian broadcaster in Central Texas, has already raised nearly $153,000, but remains short of funds. The station is shooting for a June transition, even though it’s not bound to the same mid-month deadline as full-power TV stations.

Mason plans to do a tandem jump May 24 at 4 p.m., at the Salado, Texas Airport. It will mark her first skydive. “You’re never too old to step out in faith for God,” said Mason, who has managed KPLE for 16 years. “Our viewers have done so much over the years to keep Christian broadcasting going 24/7 in central Texas, and I am taking this ‘leap of faith’ to thank them and to challenge others to get involved.”

Bob Higley, vice president for affiliate relations of TBN, which KPLE carries, said Mason’s skydive represented the spirit of Christian broadcasters doing what they can to keep stations on the air. Her jump will be posted at -- Deborah D. McAdams