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SprintCam V3 HD debuts for ultra slow motion

I-Movix has introduced SprintCam V3 HD, a native HD, ultra slow-motion camera with frame rates of 500fps to 1000fps with instant replay. The new camera can produce an output equivalent to 20 to 40 times slower than normal speed.

The company’s previous product was SprintCam Live, now in its second generation. It offered a combination of up to 10,000fps and instant replay and was used during the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer.

I-Movix said the new SprintCam V3 HD features exceptional image quality and light sensitivity, instant replay, broadcast integration and out-of-the-box operation with no requirement for special training. The system, to be available in June, can be purchased and operated out of the box as a complete system, in conjunction with an EVS LSM server for sequence storage, or with any SDI recorder. It is comprised of a high-speed HD camera, an operational control panel, a slow-motion remote and the camera control unit.